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California Rookie Meetup

Hey, if there are any Rookies in the Monterey/Big Sur/Pacific Grove-ish area and are interested in meeting up, my friend Lish and I are most likely gonna be having a bonfire party sometime in July!
Message us if you’re interested!! :) Her URL is lishbish.

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    I really REALLY WAnt this to happen!!!!!
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    agh! yes! finally in my area!!
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    yay Cali Rookies!! Reblogging incase anyone else from Cali wants to go. I’ll drive :)
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    This sounds SO FUN. Bonfire! (I am obligated to add that these meetup announcements that we reblog are not for official...
  6. gypssee said: You already know. Haha
  7. whoyagonnacall said: me!
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